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Things to see & do

Details of what to see and/or do around Baildon - or details of where to find out.

Baildon Moor is a registered urban common, with rights of access by the public for ‘air and exercise’ and recreation in a wide range of activities. The Moor itself is a relatively small area (399 hectares) with rich natural and historical features, yet is one of the most heavily used areas of upland moorland in the country, which has an impact on the moorland environment itself, and on other users.

You can find more information on the Friends of Baildon Moor website.

The Hall Cliffe Community Garden is on Hall Cliffe opposite the church hall. It is an attractive landscaped garden open to the public. Please click on this link to access the Hall Cliffe Community Garden Web Sitehallcliffecommunitygarden.weebly.com

These booklets are available in the Baildon library.

Or you can download PDF versions from the Baildon Council website here. (Note: the Town Council website currently does not have these files available. I am investigating.)

There are now 10 of them. The set is complete.

They are available from Baildon Library for £1 which just covers the printing costs.

These booklets were put together by Baildon History Society. It has taken many years of them having an interest in Baildon for all the information to be collected and put together in these booklets. All are illustrated with either pen and ink drawings by a local artist or by photos. Each has a map on the back showing the route.

Heritage Trails
Heritage Trails

Thompson Lane

Southcliffe Drive

Dewhurst Road

Jenny Lane

Oakleigh View

Cliffs Avenue

Tong Park

The Shipley Glen Cable Tramway is the oldest working cable tramway in Great Britain (cliff lifts excepted) and dates from 1895. The tramway has had a lot of work done over the last few years a new cable fitted to haul the trams at a cost of £3900.

At the same time the top winding drum,dating back to 1895 and an original piece of tramway equipment, has had its worn out surface replaced by new steel sleeves costing £2600. The old winding drum surface gave 111 years of service. A new west platform at the bottom station has been built at a cost of £3900 to replace an old and deteriorating wooden platform.

The tramway volunteers have replaced the old Santa's Grotto at the top station with a new and larger building and also making a better access and exit to Santa's Grotto for visitors.The building is used to display the tramway's collection of memorabilia and photographs of the history of the Trollybus in Bradford.

You can visit their website here.