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Jan 2018

After a long absence I have now worked on the website a bit.

There is a lot of updating that could be done but one of the things that has fallen behind is the planning application map and its associated list. I had not entered a planning application into the system since 2014. A couple of planning applications had sparked interest in Baildon residents recently so I thought I would update the map.

The original maps system was written to display pointers on the map for specific things in Baildon. E.g. Eat and Drink. This then lent itself to a system that was used by the Baildon local council planning review committee. The data for this was organised by review month. It is no longer used in the review meetings so I have re-organised the data and entered quite a few recent applications.

You can read about how to use the maps in this article - Maps/Planning Applications.

The planning application map can be found here:- Map

Similar information can be seen in table form here:- Table