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Due to changes by Google and CBMDC the map system and planning application list are broken. There is not enough demand for this service for the issues to be fixed but the page content has been left here for when/if there is a renewed demand for it.

A great way of knowing what is around the village is to plot things on maps. Google maps is a great way of doing this and there are several sets of map data on the site

  • Eating and Drinking
  • Amenities
  • Schools
  • Planning Applications

Baildon Maps

The general set of maps can be found using this link. (Link removed) By default the map shown is for eating and drinking places in Baildon. At the top right of the screen is a Category List drop-down. You can select another category to display except for planning applications.

You can use this link to the general set of maps. (Link removed)

Planning Applications Map and List

If you are interested in planning applications for Baildon then you can see them either as a list or on a map. (Links removed) The default display is for current applications. Current applications are ones that have not been withdrawn, granted or refused - a decision has yet to be made. At the top right of the screen (or top centre for the table/list view) is a Display range drop down. This allows you to change the applications displayed so that it is based on date. The date used is the one for the latest change to the application.

  • New - yellow - the date is the month in which the application was received.
  • Pending - red - the date is the month in which the last update was made
  • Granted - green - the month in which planning permission was granted
  • Withdrawn - blue - the month in which the application was withdrawn
  • Refused - black - the month in which planning permission was refused

Refused - Under the Refused heading I am also including Decline to Determine. This is sometimes used where the planning department have decided that there is already a planning decision in force that effectively covers the application. There are other reasons for giving this result, some of which might better fall under the heading of Withdrawn, but for the purposes of the map I will usually stick with Refused. In some cases the work in the planning application may have been carried out, for example a tree being felled, and a decision of Decline to Determine given.

Withdrawn - This may include cancelled applications or those no longer being worked on or ones where it is a Permitted Development and planning permission was not needed.

There are several "grouping" entries in the drop-down list that can be selected. At the beginning of each year section is an entry like 2017%. Selecting this will display all the applications that have a date of last action against them that is in 2017. Similarly you can select 201% which will then display all those with dates in the 2010s - i.e. 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 etc.

The map shows a coloured pin at the location of the property related to the application. Clicking on the pin, or the application number on the right, will show an info window above the pin. The info window contains the planning application number, the status of the application, the property address and the description of the application. The application number is also a a link to the planning application on the Bradford Council planning application system.

The list shows the planning application number (which is also a link to the application on the Bradford Council planning application site) and the progress of the application.


The map and list of applications is intended to be a helpful index to the applications themselves on the Bradford Council. To see the details, actual status, dates, documents etc. it is a simple matter of clicking on the application number to see it on the Bradford Council planning application portal.


When using the Bradford Council planning portal you should be aware that the details, documents and files are covered by copyright and can only be shared for the purposes of reviewing the application or checking that planning conditions have been met.